Tata is getting the attention of the world with its micro car called the Nano. The Indian company has also gained a worldwide distribution network with its acquisition of Jaguar and Land Rover. Its distribution is further enhanced if it sells Nanos through Fiat. With all of this, it looks like Tata may be setting the stage to become a world brand.

For the price of two Nanos, Tata gives you twice the car
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If this is true, what else does it have to offer? Tata may have given a glimpse at what is available with the launch of the Indica Vista at home this week. For a little more than the price of two Nanos (under $6,000 at current exchange rates,) Tata customers can get a car that’s over two feet longer and eight inches wider than the Nano.

Powering the Indica Vista will be either a 75 hp diesel or 65 hp gas engine. While this kind of small power isn’t something that lends itself to the U.S. market, this may be in line for Europe. If the Indica could meet Euro NCAP safety regulations, this would be a car that may have potential. For example Proton, a Malaysian company that also owns Lotus, sells a small car called the Savvy in Europe. While this is considered a bargain basement car, it is similar in specifications to the Indica but costs about 1000 pounds more.

Is all this speculation? Mostly. But what can’t be ignored is the desire for companies to grow, and this may be the next Tata to be given to the world.


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