• Ford Adds The Sasquatch Package To Models With Seven-speed Manual Transmission

The automaker caved to the outcry of the customers and decided to offer manual gearbox on Bronco’s Sasquatch Package

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After what was a rather dumb move on Ford’s part, the company has officially confirmed that it will be offering the seven-speed manual gearbox with the Sasquatch Package. When the company announced this off-road package, it checked all the boxes and made even the lower trims off-road worthy. But, the only thing missing was the manual gearbox, and it didn’t go down well with potential customers. Fortunately, Ford heard them and decided to offer it before it was too late. We’re happy now.

It Is Finally Available!

When Ford refused to offer the seven-speed manual gearbox with the Sasquatch package, such was the animosity that a petition started doing rounds asking Ford to offer it as a DIY kit. The automaker did mention at the time of the launch that it is open to feedback and suggestions, so it’s good to see it stick by its words.

“The Bronco community spoke and we heard them,” said Mark Grueber, Ford Bronco consumer marketing manager. “Our team moved quickly to add Sasquatch with a manual transmission – another example of our focus on giving customers the best possible off-road vehicles and accessories that we can.”

What Is The Sasquatch Package And What Does It Include?

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Even though the Bronco is an off-roader at its core, most of the desirable features come in the higher trims that are in the ballpark of $50,000. The Sasquatch Package came as a relief since it could be equipped on any trim (Wildtrak and First Edition models receive it as standard) and came with a whole lot of goodies that would make even the base Bronco a strong off-roader. However, the manual transmission was skipped and people lost their minds, but all’s well that ends well. This is what the Sasquatch Package includes:

  • 1.2-inch Suspension Lift-Kit
  • Higher-Mounted Fender Flares
  • 17-inch Beadlock-Compatible Wheels
  • 35-inch Mud-Terrain Tires
  • Dana Front and Rear Locking Axles
  • An Electromechanical Transfer Case
  • Heavy-Duty Position-Sensitive Bilstein Shocks
  • 4.7:1 Final Drive Ratio
  • Two-inch Wider Track
  • And now, the seven-speed manual gearbox too!

What’s All The Manual Transmission Fuss About?

Ford Adds The Sasquatch Package To Models With Seven-speed Manual Transmission
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The 2021 Bronco is offered with a Getrag-sourced seven-speed manual gearbox developed especially for the off-roader. Out of the seven gears on offer, six are the standard gears whereas one is a crawler gear. This crawler gear, when mated to the advanced four-wheel-drive system that Ford offers, generates a ratio of 94.75:1, making it highly efficient and fun to use when driven over rocks and boulders.

Final Thoughts

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Ford hasn’t announced the pricing for the Sasquatch package, but it was speculated to cost in the ballpark of $5,000. Now that the manual transmission is part of the package, expect the price to go up even more. As we’ve mentioned before, if you’re going for the base trim of the Bronco, opting it without the Sasquatch Package would be a cardinal sin. With this package and some other goodies like heavy-duty bumpers, bash plates, etc., your Bronco will become an extreme off-roader. The manual transmission with the Sasquatch package is targeted to be available in late 2021, whereas the build and price will go live in October this year.

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