500 more models will be built of the GT, bringing the supercar’s total production number to 1,000 units

Ford has some good news to those who were left out on the cold by the selection process of the GT supercar. The company is extending the car’s production for another two years. Unfortunately, it’s going to keep production at its current of 250 cars per year, which means that only 500 new GTs will be build after the first two years. Do the math based on the 6,000 applications who didn’t get the first wave of GT models and the hopefuls will only have an 8.3-percent chance of getting picked, provided that the selection process operates on a level playing field, which it doesn’t.

So while it is incredible news to hear that Ford is doubling the production of the new Ford GT, only a select few will be able to have a chance to buy one. The company didn’t explicitly say how the next selection process will go, but don’t expect Ford to deviate from the methods it used in picking the first 500 owners of the supercar. Just like the last time, Ford will likely favor loyal customers who currently own Ford models. Of particular importance would be the 2005 Ford GT, the predecessor of the current model that played a big part in the first selection process for the new GT. Ford Chief Technical Officer Raj Nair even admitted that 70 percent of the accepted applications for the new GT came from people who own the first GT model.

So there you have it. If you missed out on the initial two-year production run of the new GT supercar, Ford has opened the door for another crack at scoring one. Granted, not everyone’s going to be an owner of the previous GT supercar this time around, so if the desire is still there to score one of the 500 new golden tickets that the Blue Oval is now set to dangle soon, it might be a good idea to stock up on some new Fords. Perhaps a few Mustangs? Maybe 10 Focus RS models?

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Why it matters

As somebody who has no illusions about ever getting selected to buy the new Ford GT, I’m only interested about the part of getting to see more GT supercars hit the road. I’m a proponent of having more of these bad boys around since there aren’t going to be that many of them anyway when Ford’s done producing them. A run of 1,000 models perfectly suits the GT as it falls right in the sweet spot of retaining its exclusivity while also having enough supply to satisfy the whims of hardcore Ford aficionados.

Now if I were one of those who got stiffed in the first application process, I don’t know if I’m going to be confident about being selected one now. If I don’t have a Ford, I might as well just forget it. If I do have a Ford or two, the odds still aren’t in my favor. I’ll only be confident if I’m an existing owner of the last Ford GT and even then, there are no assurances that I’ll be picked.

At this point, the best thing for those who are still hoping to get the new GT is to cross those fingers really tight and hope for the best. It’s not an ideal position to be in given the anxiety that will come with the whole waiting part. But at the end of the day, it’s better than nothing. It’s better than watching the 500 GTs go to other people and resigning yourselves to the gloom of not being able to get one unless its on the second-hand market.

So keep crossing those fingers, fellas. Offer some sacrifices too if you believe in that sort of thing. Ford’s plan is to open the year-three production of the GT to those applicants who were placed on the wait list whereas deferred applicants and those who missed the initial application window will be served by production year four. Ford going to accept year-four production applications until the early part of 2018 so there’s enough time to do all of those things and beef up your garages with new Blue Ovals. Desperate times call for desperate measures, right?

Press Release

Ford Performance to Extend Production of All-New Ford GT Supercar an Additional Two Years

Ford Performance will offer the all-new Ford GT for two additional production years, bringing the production commitment of the carbon fiber supercar to a total of four years.

Potential customers who already applied to purchase Ford GT will only need to update their request when the next application window reopens in early 2018.

Additional production supports Ford Performance decision to race Ford GT in both IMSA
and World Endurance Championship (WEC) series for four years

PEBBLE BEACH, Calif., Aug. 19, 2016 – Applicants and fans of the Ford GT can rejoice as Ford Performance is adding two more years of production for the all-new carbon fiber supercar. The announcement comes on the heels of letters sent to potential customers notifying them of their application status to purchase the car.

The additional production supports the recent decision by Ford Performance to race Ford GT in both IMSA and World Endurance Championship (WEC) series events for four years.

“While we can’t build enough Ford GTs for everyone who has applied, we are going to produce additional vehicles in an effort to satisfy more of our most loyal Ford ambassadors,” says Dave Pericak, global director, Ford Performance. “We want to keep Ford GT exclusive, but at the same time we know how vital this customer is to our brand.”

Year three of production will support applicants who were placed on the wait list; previously deferred applicants and those who missed the initial application window will be served by production year four. The application process for fourth-year production will reopen in early 2018. Those who already applied to own the car will only need to update their request.

“Ford GT has racing in its blood,” says Raj Nair, Ford executive vice president, product
development, and chief technical officer. “The road car and race car will live on, side-by-side, for the next four years – providing ample opportunity to test and prove innovative new technologies both on and off the track.”

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