It is one of those little ironies of life.

Having rid itself of Chrysler, the former Daimler-Benz wished to rename itself “Daimler, A.G.”

But it couldn’t

Ford owns the name “Daimler.”

Daimler was for many years a British luxury brand. It was, for example, the transport for the Royal family. Eventually, however, Daimler succumbed to the economics of making exceptionally high priced cars in a limited market, and the brand ceased production. 

Jaguar acquired the rights to the name when it acquired the company, and Ford acquired the name Daimler when it bought Jaguar.

So, for DaimlerChryser to become Daimler, A.G., it was necessary to cut a deal with Ford.

Ford, however, has not given up the rights to the name. It has merely granted the people that make Mercedes-Benz permission to use the name, an “extended usage agreement.” 

Financial terms, if any, were not announced.

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