Who cares about gas prices when you’ve got flames on your truck? For the 2009 Ford’s Super Duty line-up will receive two new special editions: the Cabela’s FX4 and Harley-Davidson F-450 pickups.

The Cabela FX4 is being offered in a two-tone paint scheme available in one of five colors — Ebony, Oxford White, Forest Green Metallic, Royal Red Metallic or Silver Metallic — contrasted with Sterling Grey Metallic.

The Harley-Davidson Edition F-450 will feature on the exterior blue flames that run the length of the truck, plus unique blue and chromed plastic engine vents just behind the front wheels. The fenders and tailgate will wear Harley-Davidson badges, and "Harley-Davidson" will be spelled out on the sides of the cargo box. The blue-flame effect will also be carried over on the interior to the black leather seats, door panels and center console.


Source: Pickup Trucks

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