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Ford Bronco Sport Maxed Out On The German Autobahn - How Fast Will She Run?

If you’ve ever second guessed the three-cylinder 1.5-liter EcoBoost’s outright pace, this video will show how effortlessly it gets to its claimed top speed

Ever wondered how fast can a Bronco Sport run on a road with no speed limits? Well YouTuber, TestDriveFreak from Germany has the answer. In this video, he maxes out a modestly speced-out Bronco sport out on the German Autobahn.


Ford Bronco Sport Maxed Out On The German Autobahn - How Fast Will She Run?
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If you’ve ever wondered how fast the Bronco Sport can go on the open road, YouTuber TEST DRIVE FREAK, did a top speed run on the German autobahn to answer just that

In a bid to win over off-roader enthusiasts and purists, Ford made a big splash last year with the revival of their legendary Bronco nameplate. While the big boy Bronco and the more recent Bronco Raptor are precisely the sorts of vehicles aimed at the crowd that loves to take their off-roader rock crawling, Ford also decided to put together a variant of the Bronco that’d appeal to family buyers.

Enter the Bronco Sport. Now it may not have the street-cred or off-road capabilities as its big brothers and may be the underdog, living in their shadow, but the Bronco Sport is a pretty competent vehicle in its own right. Its chunky styling will stand out in the sea of crossovers in the suburbs and you won’t hesitate to take it off the beaten path.

The Spec

Ford Bronco Sport Maxed Out On The German Autobahn - How Fast Will She Run?
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Now Ford doesn’t offer the Bronco in Europe, but this one was available courtesy of an improper. It’s rocking a 1.5-L turbo 3 cylinder with 181 hp and 190 lb-ft of torque

Now Ford hasn’t started rolling out the Bronco elsewhere ( Ford Germany in this particular case), considering it has to still fulfill its order book at home first. So this Youtuber got real lucky to get his hands on one, thanks to a local dealer and importer. What you’re looking at is a 2021 Ford Bronco Sport. Under the hood is a puny 1.5-liter Tubro 3-cylinder EcoBoost that produces 181 horsepower and 190 pound-feet of torque.

This particular example is the Big Bend variant, which sits just above the base trim. The Ecoboost is mated to an 8-speed auto and packs AWD. The rough and tough plastic bits don’t stand out as much, thanks to the black paint, but a big and brash Bronco Sport badge on the tailgate in bright white font means you won’t mistake this for anything else.

TopSpeed Run

While it’s not necessarily a vehicle that was designed for outright speed runs, this video should give you an idea about just how fast it can run in the real world. After doing a quick walk-around tour of the vehicle, it was time to hit the open road. Sport mode engaged, the YouTuber immediately floors the gas pedal as he gets onto the autobahn. Thankfully, it wasn’t particularly busy either and he was able to max out the Bronco Sport at 192 km/h or 119.3 mph, which is right in the ballpark of the theoretical top speed of 194 km/h or 121 mph

Ford Bronco Sport Maxed Out On The German Autobahn - How Fast Will She Run?
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The autobahn wasn’t particularly busy and the Bronco Sport effortlessly hit 192 km/h or 119.3 mph, close to its claimed 120 mph top speed


Ford Bronco Sport Maxed Out On The German Autobahn - How Fast Will She Run?
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After a quick walk around tour of the exterior and interior of the Big Bend trim, that’s sits above the base trim

Considering the fact that a vehicle like the Bronco or an off-roader, truck for that matter with their blocky designs and forms are not really aerodynamic, 120 mph is pretty impressive, especially when you consider that this Bronco was only rocking a tiny 1.5-liter 3-cylinder mill. A Bronco Raptor with its V-6 would have been a treat on this same stretch. That’ll have to wait for a future date and date. So that’s a wrap on one successful top-speed run for the Bronco Sport.

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