• Ford Dealers Are Suing Saleen For Breach Of Contract

Aftermarket specialist is already up to its knees with problems

A pair of Ford dealerships are taking Saleen Automotive to court for alleged fraud and breach of contract over allegations that the tuning company failed to honor its end of purchase orders involving specially tuned Mustangs.

One of these dealers, the Red McCombs Ford dealership in San Antonio, is asserting that Saleen was six months late in delivering three modified Mustangs that the dealership ordered. On top of that, the dealer’s lawsuit also claims that the tuned Mustangs were missing a total of $22,000 in upgrades and that it hasn’t received a dime in refunds over the missing items.

If that issue isn’t enough of a headache for Saleen, another Ford dealership, the Friendship Ford of Bristol in Tennessee, is also taking the tuner to court over allegations that it has yet to receive a 2015 S302 Yellow Label Mustang, which it ordered and paid for back in 2015. Denny Fruth, the dealer’s general manager, told Automotive News that the 715-horsepower Mustang has not found its way back to his dealership despite numerous delays and claims by Saleen that the car was already on its way. The most recent of these promises happened in the early part of June 2016, and more than a month later, Fruth claims that the car is still nowhere to be found, adding that Saleen has come up with multiple excuses, including blaming a vendor for one of the delays.

Not surprisingly, company founder Steve Saleen is refuting the claims made by the dealerships, going so far as to call the Red Combs’ dealership’s gripe a “a little frivolous” and that their experiences aren’t representative of the many projects that the tuner has delivered across the U.S.

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Why it matters

As if Saleen Automotive isn’t in enough trouble these days, now it has to deal with two disgruntled customers who are making some serious allegations against the tuning firm. It’s one thing to have a project delayed, it’s another thing to have it delayed and then come back with missing items on the order list. That’s what Red McCombs is alleging and it’s proven to be true, that’s really going to put a stain in the image of Saleen.

But as pissed off as the Texas Ford dealership is, it pales in comparison to the frustration of the Friendship Ford of Bristol in Tennessee, which is alleging that the car it ordered from Saleen back in 2015 has yet to show up. This isn’t just about missing parts of project delays. This is a missing car entirely. Both allegations are serious in their own right, and while it’s easy to look at Saleen with a curious eye, it’s just as important to listen to Saleen and hear its side before making any sort of judgments.

The truth is, I don’t know enough about both cases to think that Saleen is completely in the wrong here. That would be foolish to make that sort of assertion without the complete facts. So here’s what I’ll say. I hope these issues are resolved without anybody having to go to court. I’m sure all parties feel the same way because legal proceedings are generally tedious and very costly.

Lord knows that with the financial troubles of Saleen, it’s not going to want to get dragged into a lawsuit because of these problems. I don’t know how this will end, but I’d like to see a resolution sooner than later for all parties concerned.

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Source: Automotive News

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