The Benchmark Escort Mk-I Concept is a modern interpretation of the original Ford Escort model created by Rajesh Kutty, an MA Automotive Design from Coventry University.

The car depicted here is more faithful in it’s styling cues to the rally going original than its road going sibling, as can be seen from the bubble wheel arches, the wheels, the paintwork, netted headrests of the ‘Mexico’ and the number of lamps that would show the way forward.

Ford Escort MK-1 by Benchmark
- image 191641

Ford Escort concept by Rajesh KuttyThe lower pair of fog lamps remain faithful to the car’s predecessor and are directed outwards as was typical of the rally cars at that time.

The front grille takes inspiration from the three bar grille that its American cousins display and diverge outwards to end up as seats for LEDs of the headlamp.

Ford Escort MK-1 by Benchmark
- image 191642

Source: Car Body Design

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