The Ford Excursion is about the manliest SUV ever produced, but this Excursion takes the cake. At 32 feet in length and tipping the scales at 15,000 pounds, this custom-built stretched limo turned monster truck is larger than life.

And it’s going to take someone larger than life write the number of zeros listed on this one-off truck’s for-sale sign. The cost: a cool $1 million large.

Yep, this million-dollar machine was built by Big Toyz Racing from a stretched Ford Excursion limousine. The truck now features a fully boxed roll cage integrated with its steel tube frame chassis. Two solid axles offer 4WD and four-wheel steering. Bolted on to each axle are 66-inch-tall tires and 26-inch-long nitrogen-filled shock absorbers. Power comes from a carbureted 8.5-liter V-8 that makes upwards of 750 horsepower.

Beyond its mechanicals, the interior seats at least 12 people in individual racing seats. Climbing into the 12-foot-tall beast is made easy by the folding staircase incorporated into rear hatch. Once in, diamond-plate floors run the length of the truck with clear Plexiglas offering a side view from the sunken walkway.

It’s hard to imagine a useful application for this rig beyond a big corporate advertising campaign or some sort of tour vehicle for a safari or arctic landscape. What’s more, it’s hard picturing someone dropping a million bucks on a vehicle that’s most certainly NOT road-worthy.

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Why it matters

For anyone who has to have the biggest and baddest, this monster truck limo is for them. Though its off-road abilities might be hampered by its relatively low break-over angle, this beast could power it way over and through most obstacles standing in its way; helped mostly by those massive 66-inch tall Firestone tires.

While the build is undeniably cool, it’s hard to imagine it cost $1 million to build, including labor and parts. That means the retail mark-up on this sucker must be tremendous. Nevertheless, there has to be someone perusing the interwebz with that kind of cash and the need for a 12-seater, 32-foot-long monster Excursion.

If you’re that person and want to lay your money down, contact Big Toyz Racing on their website.

Ford Excursion Monster Truck Can Be Yours For $1 Million
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Ford Excursion Monster Truck Can Be Yours For $1 Million
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