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Ford F-150 Lightning To Come With Tank Turn Capability!

Is this a result of Ford’s investment in Rivian, since the latter was the first to come up with the tank turn?

The Ford F-150 Lighting debuted in 2021, but a year later, the company is all set to officially launch it. The company had received around 200,000 reservations for the world’s best-selling truck’s electric alter-ego, but recently stopped taking any more orders for it. While the truck is sold out for the current model year is a piece of big news in itself, there’s another big news coming in, courtesy of

As it turns out, Ford has filed a patent with the USPTO about the tank turn capability in the Ford F-150 Lightning. Looks like Ford has already started reaping the benefits of its investment in Rivian… or does this have nothing to do with it?

Your F-150 Lightning Could Make On-The-Spot Rotations

Ford F-150 Lightning To Come With Tank Turn Capability!
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The user who posted this news on the forum noted that the patent was filed on October 16, 2020, but was published a year and a half later on April 21, 2022. This is how the patent is described:

Ford F-150 Lightning To Come With Tank Turn Capability!
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So, in this case, you’ll have both the motors rotating in opposite directions, and perhaps a specific switch or button to do it

Methods, apparatus, systems and articles of manufacture are disclosed to perform a tank turn. An example vehicle includes a first wheel and a second wheel, the first wheel located on an end of a first axle, the second wheel located on an end of the second axle, the end of the first axle opposite to the end of the second axle, a first suspension coupled to the first wheel, a second suspension coupled to the second wheel, and a controller to drive the first axle in a first direction, drive the second axle in the second direction and decrease a first suspension load of the first suspension and a second suspension load of the second suspension.

Ford F-150 Lightning To Come With Tank Turn Capability! Exterior
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Ford filed for a patent back in 2020, and now, it has been published. It talks about the F-150 Lightning and the tank turn capability

Now, unlike the Rivian R1Sand the R1T’s quad-motor setup, the Ford F-150 Lightning only comes with a dual-motor setup. This means instead of a motor at each wheel, you have one on each axle. However, it won’t be that complicated to offer tank turn capability. The patent makes it pretty clear – the motors will rotate in different directions to be able to make the truck turn on a dime. For all we know, it could open up avenues to offer something similar to the Hummer EV’s Crab Walk, too.

Final Thoughts

Ford F-150 Lightning To Come With Tank Turn Capability! Exterior
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Swipe up to read about the patent filing in detail

If Ford offers this on the F-150 Lightning anytime soon, it could become the first mass-market product to do it, even beating the Rivian R1T. Ford has announced that the F-150 Lightning will be launched on the 26th of April (even though the EV made its debut a year back!) and we probably will hear more about the tank turn then.

Source: LightningOwners

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