Will the 2020 Bronco be this awesome?

Rumors have been swirling with growing intensity that the Bronco will be among four new SUV Ford will release before 2020. With that in mind, Bronco fans at Bronco6G.com created a rather realistic rendering of what Ford might have coming.

Bronco6G says they fused together styling cues from previous generation Broncos, as well as the 2004 Bronco concept truck. The front grille, headlights, and fenders are unmistakably from the first-generation SUV – a model that saw showrooms between 1966 and 1977.

Rearward, the two-door SUV carries an all-original look, though the long side glass and squared-off fender openings recall Broncos of the past. Modern touches like large wheels, somewhat low-profile tires, LED lighting elements, and an electric recovery winch all bring the honest SUV into the 21st century.

While the rendering is merely an idea of what direction Ford might be taking, Bronco6G does claim insider knowledge that Ford has purchased a Jeep Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited for benchmarking purposes. If that’s true – which is easily believable – the sixth-generation Bronco will surely be a competent off-roader with chops liken to the Wrangler Rubicon.

That means the Bronco will ride on a fully boxed, ladder frame with an traditional 4WD system that includes a two-speed transfer case, a solid rear axle and an electronic locking rear differential. What’s more, Ford is likely to borrow these parts from its F-150 parts bin, helping save development time and production costs. If that’s the case, the Bronco will certainly be a tough truck. Oh, and of course, it will wear an aluminum body.

Powertrain options are open to Ford’s vast array of engines. If the Bronco is indeed a two-door SUV, the F-150’s 2.7-liter EcoBoost V-6 should provide more than enough power. Ford may offer the 3.5-liter EcoBoost as an optional powerplant, perhaps in an SVT version further into the Bronco’s production cycle.

Then again, all this is just rumor, guesstimation, and hearsay. The sixth-generation Bronco might never get off the ground, it might be a unibody crossover, or in fact, it could be similar to this rather awesome rendering. Nicely done, Bronco6G.

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Why It Matters

Ford Fan Site Renders Sixth-Gen Bronco!
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The Bronco is perhaps the second most iconic SUV in Ford’s history of SUVs, second only to the Explorer. Though Ford ended Bronco production after the 1996 model year, its fan base has remained loyal, even gathering steam as trucks and SUV experience a resurgence in popularity. Bronco6G.com’s rendering shows what Ford designers and product planners might be up to, though no one besides Ford employees can know for sure.

Be sure to check out Bronco6G.com’s website for their ideas on the rendering and more photos of the Bronco, both with different grille design, color options, and roof rack action.

Source: Bronco6G.com

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