Ford Fiesta movement

Cue the German pop music...The Ford Fiestas are coming. Ford is bringing it’s pint-sized hatch and sedan back to the U.S. after an almost 30 year absence. Since deadbeat dads stay away for less time then the Fiesta, Ford is holding a contest to spread the word about the little car with the German accent.

Ford will hand over the keys to 100 Fiestas for six months, including free gas and insurance, so that winners can help do their marketing for them. There still is time to go on the website and sign up to be one of the “agents of fun”.


Source: Ford

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Myles_Kornblatt  (169) posted on 03.24.2009

If the point is to let a lot of people test drive the Fiesta, then I’m the perfect candidate. My drinking habits ensure that although I’m the one driving it to the bar, there will likely be someone else (hopefully a woman) driving it home. Too bad I’m press…

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