File this one under ‘another cool hatch for Europe only’. There is a new generation of Ford Focus on the way for 2010, and it seems Ford has some big plans for it. Part of that may include a hatchback coupe in the vein of models like the Volkswagen Scirocco and Renault Mégane coupe, with a convertible version possibly in the works.

Now there is the argument that there already is a Focus coupe in the U.S., but for those who don’t know, the European version of the economy car is much cooler. Engines that are expected for this focus include gas and diesel units that make between 89 and 197 hp.

It’s true that the next generation of the European Focus will have a home in North America, but that doesn’t mean all variations will have a home on these traditionally hatchback unfriendly shores. VW nixed the Scirocco here because of fears it would cannibalize the GTI’s sales, and Renault doesn’t even sell to the U.S. But who knows, maybe the Ford Focus coupe is just right...


Source: AutoExpress

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