The Ford Focus Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicle is one of the stars of this year’s Woodward Dream Cruise in Birmingham, Mich.—on the road and on display at the Ford exhibit in Birmingham’s Shain Park. Because of the current cost of the fuel cell technology, a car such as this Focus could cost nearly $1 million. The Ford Focus FCV may well be the most expensive car driving in the Dream Cruise, which is expected to draw as many as a million spectators and cruisers over this weekend. Ford has a fleet of 30 fuel cell vehicles in several cities around the country.

Some facts about the Ford Focus Fuel Cell vehicle:

  • Ford Motor Company operates nine hybrid hydrogen Ford Focus Fuel Cell vehicles in California, as part of a worldwide, seven-city, 30-car program to conduct real world testing of fuel cell technology.
  • The 30-car fleet has accumulated more than 180,000 miles since its inception.
  • The Ford Focus Fuel Cell uses hybrid technology that has benefited from the company’s experience engineering the Ford Escape Hybrid, the first American hybrid, and Mercury Mariner Hybrid.

In addition to fuel cell vehicles and hybrids, Ford is a leader in flex-fuel E-85 ethanol vehicles with 1.5 million ethanol-capable FFVs on the road and is working on promising future alternatives including clean diesels and hydrogen internal combustion engines.

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