The Ford Focus RS is one of the most coveted cars in all the land, after all there is nothing like a turbocharged sport compact that will smoke most modified rides in real world situations and plus it looks like the World Rally Car you see on TV. Even if theFocus RS is the most fun to drive blue oval branded vehicle on the planet, as is in the world of tuning there is no such thing as enough. So the team of engineers at WolfRacing feel that they can do the hot hatch one better with a few simple yet effective modifications tho the engine, drive train and suspension.

Starting out with a revised engine management program for the 2.5 Liter five cylinder engine that boosts engine output from the stock 305 HP and 324.5 lb-ft of torque up to a maximum of 360 HP and 412 lb-ft of moving force. WolfRacing’s tried and trusted competition experience has led them to understand that a well rounded car is about more then just big power figures. A locking differential makes the front wheel drive demon behave in a more civilized manor, giving the driver full use of the turbocharged engine’s power no matter whether you are accelerating full throttle or one wheel up on the rumble strip deep into a turn. Speaking of hitting apexes, WolfRacing also ensures that their version of the Focus RS will get more grip with a fully adjustable coil over suspension. Catering to the tastes of every automotive enthusiast. For the show car winners WolfRacing makes a set of 20 inch wheels to fill out the RS’s wide fenders and for the racing chaps, lightweight 18 and 19 inch forged alloys.

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Press release

Ford Focus RS by Wolf Racing
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Already in the serial version, the Ford Focus RS outplays the competitors in its class. 305 hp (224 kW) and a maximum torque of 440 Newton metres are neither achieved by the VW Golf GTI nor the Opel Astra opc. And on top of this, Wolf Racing now adds the refinement.

With an optimised engine and turbo charger management, Wolf Racing lifts the Focus RS into an own league. The refined Wolf RS 360 renders 360 hp (265 kW). The engineers increased the maximum torque by 27 percent to impressive 559 Newton metres, which the Wolf RS 360 already provides at 3,100 r.p.m. The Ford specialist located in Neuenstein (Germany) offers this performance enhancement for only 1299 Euros including VAT.

Ford Focus RS by Wolf Racing
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As Wolf Racing has its roots in motor sports, the engineers did not only focus on a stronger engine. Only in connection with the multi-disc differential lock for 2500 Euros the serial car turns into a race car with official approval and homologation for road service. As soon as the torque rises, the differential lock interacts. Therefore, it is exactly the combination with the Wolf performance enhancement which unfolds the potential, as more torque is available at an earlier stage. When accelerating and also when braking, the differential lock with an increasing effect provides a higher traction at the beginning and the end of the curve. This guarantees a better curve speed and an optimal handling.
The coilover suspension for 1299 Euros provides best road holding conditions. Thereby, the lowering can be individually adjusted to the requirements of the road and the preference of the driver. Alternatively the lowering springs for 219 Euros lower the Wolf RS 360 by 30 millimetres and render an even more dynamic character. The lower centre of gravity facilitates the handling, so that the gained performance can be transmitted to the road through the front wheels.

The 9x20 inch wheels in multi-part look also enhance the dynamic appearance and can be obtained already from 399 Euros. In the version glossy black with stainless steel well, the contrast is emphasised very clearly and underlines the sporty character of the Wolf RS 360. Wolf Racing also offers the light alloy wheel in the dimensions 8.5x19 and 8.5x18 inches in finishes ranging from charcoal matt polished over silver varnished with stainless steel well up to matt black.

With its selected design elements, the Wolf RS 360 distinguishes itself from the serial Focus RS ab. Decorative strips in silver, charcoal, blue, red, orange, yellow, black or white for 98 Euros and Wolf stickers from three Euros as well as aluminium pedals including foot rests for 193 Euros are indicators for the stronger Ford.
With the Wolf RS 360, Wolf Racing once again confirms its competence when it comes to refining Ford automobiles. With the overall package containing the performance enhancement, differential lock and suspension, the engineers were able to transfer racing technology to the road.

The Wolf RS 360 is exhibited at the Essen Motor Show from November 28th until December 6th 2009 in hall 10 at stand 304.

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  (398) posted on 07.15.2011

I have to say that I’m impressed with the styling of the car and the speed as well. I think Wolf Racing have made an awesome modification here.

  (506) posted on 07.15.2011

I don’t like the green paint job for this car . The speed performance is quite impressive and I think the lower lip makes it more aggressive. BTW, the high technology of the car makes it more sporty.

  (397) posted on 06.27.2011

hmm. This car needs a serious facelift. However, with the awesome speed of this car I bet other aftermarket company can modified it more than what Wolf Racing can!

  (399) posted on 06.27.2011

Oh yes! This is the car that the Seat is trying to duplicate without the butterfly wings! As expected from the Ford this car has an amazing performance with less weight of course.

  (683) posted on 03.7.2011

I think the $54K refers only to the price of the tuning. Anyways, Ford and Mustang are not competing in any fashion!

  (778) posted on 03.7.2010

Just please bring this to North America,or at least Canada. We can appreciate a car like that here, unlike our redneck neighbors to the south. This would totally whoop a mustang around the track. Just bring it please...

  (428) posted on 01.28.2010

@AK47 - well Focus RS and Mustang are way to different to compare with, but i agree with you mustangs are oil grizzlers unlike the RS it uses Diesel oil which consumes lesser. good thing that RS is came out it a TDI engine.

  (1022) posted on 10.31.2009

This is a better sportscar than the Mustang even with a FWD layout.

  (9) posted on 10.30.2009

is there any hope in HELL that we can get this amazing car in the states???

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