If you liked the special edition Ford Focus RS500 unveiled at the New York Auto Show and were hoping to buy one, we’ve got some bad news for you: it was sold out in just 12 hours after its official launch. A Ford insider said that "this extraordinary situation occured despite Ford being forced to unveil the car almost 48 hours earlier than planned, meaning dealers were not aware of its existence."

"From that moment on people were literally walking into dealers or calling them up and placing orders for the car," said the Ford insider. "However, because we had to quickly bring the car’s launch forward we hadn’t even briefed the dealers on its existence. It led to some quite confused phone calls between dealers and head office."

The Focus RS500 is powered by an improved version of the 2.5L 20 V DOHC RS engine from the standard RS. The addition of an improved induction kit and a revised exhaust system will allow the engine to deliver a total of 345 hp (up from standard 300) and a peak torque of 339lb ft. The result is a sprint from 0 to 60 mph in 5.6 seconds and a top speed of 163 mph. The RS500 was limited to only 500 units.

Maybe they will decide to change the name to the Ford Focus RS1000 and allow for a few more lucky comrades to see this car in their garage.


Source: Autocar

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  (473) posted on 02.16.2011

I own an 07 MS3 and use all season tires for winter and have never had a problem during the MD winter storms. On the summer I have plenty of fun in the twistiest, and have great traction on rain. Would an AWD car beat me?

  (539) posted on 02.16.2011

I understand the sentiment of the enthusiasts about FWD vs AWD, but let’s just remind ourselves that this is stock road car and not a race car. The majority of owners will never take it to a track. So as a road car FWD is perfectly fine.

  (765) posted on 04.26.2010

Wow that’s amazing. The new model features a muscular 350 PS 2.5-litre 5-cylinder engine.

  (380) posted on 04.19.2010

This car is very reliable! You can drive it the whole day without any problems on the engine.

  (666) posted on 04.15.2010

O well, who wouldn’t blame those who got to get orders from not ordering this cool car. If I had the money, I would have ordered one once I have heard of the news that there will be such model on the autoshow.

  (504) posted on 04.6.2010

Oh well as expected, good thing that there is no A-hole who buy 1 or more of this.

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