Even tough the Focus ST is still “young” in Ford’s new starting line-up, a world known Tuner was already interested in to creating a new project. The result is an even more impressive car, with something I can consider a BAD BOY attitude. I consider this to be one the most impressive projects, Ford’s Europe divison has ever been implicated in.



With an experience of over 30 years in motor-sports like DTM or World Rally Championship (WRC), WOLF is one of the most renowned tuners for Ford Models. Naturally, the ST line-up is the one chosen for the modifications and its youngest member –Focus ST- was royally treated. Behind the obvious modifications – sport springs, 19” rims, equipped with Pirelli tires, the roof spoiler and the adhesive strips, the hood hides a more sophisticated tuning.


Ford Focus ST custom made by WOLF
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rear view



The numbers obtained are quite impressive: Ford ST tuned by WOLF has 300 pure horsepower and a momentum of 400 Nm, available starting from 2100 rpm. The parts that where changed and/or modified are the Turbocharger, the intake flow admission kit and the software managing the engine. As I am talking about a team of professionals that worked in the past with the Cosworth team during auto competitions, the modifications are made in a manner that doesn’t affect the life of the engine. This is one of the reasons why WOLF also changed the FMICU (front mount intercooler unit) – for it to handle the new parameters.


Officials say that Focus ST, with all the new modifications will be a car proud to own the name Ford just like its predecessors – Focus RS or Escort Cosworth.

Ford Focus ST custom made by WOLF
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