The good news just keeps coming in for Ford.

After already posting the first positive sales month in 19 months, the Detroit-based automakers also learned that the Ford Focus has emerged as the runaway winner for most bought car under the Cash For Clunkers program.

With the program having seemingly opened a floodgate of automotive sales, Ford has taken advantage of this unexpected interest to post strong sales numbers, including the company’s C-Segment vehicle, which increased its sales percentage by 43.6%. In addition to that, the Ford Escape also posted a dramatic 97% rise in sales last July.

While Ford is the first to say that the Cash for Clunkers program may have had a lot to do with it, the company is nevertheless ecstatic about its increasing sales numbers. The Detroit-based automakers two main rivals – GM and Chrysler – have also had their fare share of sales spikes.

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The US government estimates that out of all the 850,000 cars sold under the CFC program, 47% have come from the Detroit 3, providing a much-needed boost to the fledgling US auto industry. With the seemingly successful – albeit controversial – CFC program already paying dividends for the three US car makers, the question now is: how will the three brands do once the Cash for Clunkers program ends?

Source: Detroit News

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