• Ford Found A Way To Bridge The Gap Between Mothers And Cars for Mothers Day: Video

Children have the weirdest thoughts

Mother’s Day and cars generally don’t go hand in hand. I mean let’s face it, there isn’t exactly a large number of “car ladies” out there – at least not compared to the number of car guys anyway. Well, for Mother’s Day, Ford set out to bring mothers and cars a little bit closer, with the help of an illustrator and a few kids too.

The video Ford put together is less than two minutes long, but you get to hear what several kids think their mother’s dream car would be. As the kids talk about it, there is a time-elapsed clip of the artist putting together playful drawings of what the kids describe. It’s not exactly our normal type of video, but it is pretty cool to see what the kids can really see their mothers driving.

So, go ahead and click play on the video. Like I said, it isn’t very long, but it’s still fun to watch. One thing is for sure; these kids probably put a pretty big smile on their mother’s face. And that, my friends, could be considered the best Mother’s Day gift of all.


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