When Ford announced plans for their factory tuned Focus RS they also reveal the hot hatch will be limited to just 4000 units. So, if you were hoping to snatch one up, but you still haven’t, we have some bad news for you. 2400 of the Ford factory hot rods have already been sold. If you are still interested, you have two options: wait six months and hope there will still be a few examples laying around, or fork over a pretty pound to get one.

Those mostly affected by the news are the blue oval enthusiasts in the U.K. Their stock has already been depleted. So if you go down to your local Ford dealership and make the payment, you will have to wait until December to get behind the wheel. Or you could check out the used car market, there are a few examples around, but they start at around £27,250 and already have about 500 miles on clock.

Whereas we here in the U.S. are still waiting for the big wigs at Ford to give the RS a shot here in the American market.


Source: iMotor

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  (318) posted on 05.22.2009

Wow the RS is selling like hot pancakes. This great. It only means that the North American market is now ready for hatchbacks!

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