It’s an understatement to even assume that the Ford Iacocca Silver 45th anniversary Mustang has gathered a lot of attention weeks prior to its official unveiling. After all, the car is dedicated to none other than Lee Iacocca, the father of the original Mustang.

So with buzz at an all-time high, the car was officially unveiled last week in front of over 300 VIPs at the Galpin Ford in Van Nuys, California. Judging from the turnout, it’s fair to say that the hype was well justified.

As part of the festivities during the official launch, one of the Iacocca Mustangs was auctioned of for the attending guests.

Starting at $80,000, two bidders immediately went on a bidding showdown to see who would go home with the prized Mustang. When it seemed that the back and forth would not end, a third bidder – a guy by the name of Steve Sularski - made his presence felt and announced a bid of over $125,000 to which the car was sold. For that amount of money, Sularski became the first owner of a Ford Iacocca Silver 45th anniversary Mustang.

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It doesn’t surprise us that those in attendance quickly pounced on the opportunity to purchase this special edition car. It’s even been brought to our attention that orders for his car have already gone through the roof, with some cars having already been bought in excess of $100,000. With only 45 of these cars being built, there’s no telling how long this model will last on the market. Judging from the overwhelming response, buyers would be extremely fortunate to find unsold models by next week.

Source: Autoweek

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