Last year Roush revealed the Mustang Stage 3 BlackJack, a model that was supposed to be a very special edition limited to only 100 units. Customers paid nearly $59,000 for the car but they had the surprise to find out that their exclusive Mustang is not as exclusive as they expected: Ford built at least 100 more of the vehicles in 2008.

This is why customers sued Ford on Monday and require more than $12 million in damages. Representatives of Ford were not immediately available to comment, a company spokeswoman said.

"The vehicles purchased by the plaintiff and the other class members were not as unique or rare as the defendants had stated them to be," the complaint said. "Their value from scarcity and as collectors’ items were and are dramatically less than the buyers had been led to believe their value would be."

Roush Stage 3 BlackJack is powered by a 4.6L powertrain system that delivers 430hp and 400lb-ft of torque.


Source: Yahoo News

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