When Ford showed the Interceptor show car – the hit of the Detroit Auto Show in 2006 – it knew that it would never produce the potential competitor to the Chrysler 300. The Detroit News revealed in a story by Bryce G. Hoffman appearing Wednesday, that the car was viewed by the company as a concept only, despite the obvious pleasure newly hired Ford CEO Alan Mulally took in the stunning car. 
The designer of the Interceptor, Freeman Thomas, according to the published story, was “dismayed” when he discovered that Ford management had no intention of seeing the Interceptor to production. The company has a history of failing to follow up on its concept vehicles, but Thomas believes things will be different under CEO Mulally: "He’s not afraid. Alan has been extremely open-minded. He seems to be very respectful of what design is and does."
Before Ford, Thomas worked for both Volkswagen and Chrysler. He played large rolls in designing the Audi TT and the VW New Beatle, and designed the concept car from which the Chrysler 300 derived. He noted, however, that production of the New Beatle missed the perfect time for introduction of the car, due to a lack of coordination between designers and engineers at VW at that time. He is optimistic that things will be different under Mulally at Ford. He also is relishing his work. Does he have something as revolutionary as the TT, Beatle, or 300 in his studio now: “I definitely do. But I can’t tell you what it is.”

Source: Detroit News

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badestofthebad  (608) posted on 07.12.2007

thats jus too bad it wuda bin a gud car

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