• Ford is Dragging Its Feet on the New Bronco, Will Debut the new F-150 and Explorer First

The Bronco could arrive in 2020

After years of speculation, Ford finally confirmed that a new-generation Bronco will be unveiled soon. However, a new report claims that FoMoCo isn’t in a big hurry to launch the SUV and may have opted to roll out the new-generation F-150 pickup truck instead.

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That’s the word from Off-Road.com, which claims to have "uncovered a product timeline" showing that Ford plans to introduce new versions of the Explorer and F-150 before the Bronco. We already know that the Explorer is set to debut in the first half of 2019, most likely at the Detroit Auto Show in January, but the F-150’s release remains a mystery.

Although it makes sense for a new F-150 to arrive soon given that both Chevrolet and Ram unveiled new trucks in 2018, we have yet to see any prototypes on public roads.

Now it’s true that Ford could have made extra efforts to keep the truck a secret, but it’s nearly impossible to do so nowadays with car paparazzi all over the place.

This could mean that the F-150 won’t arrive in 2019 but in 2020. If Off-Road’s product timeline is real, this means that the Bronco could also arrive in 2020. Granted, Ford already said the SUV is "coming in 2020," which could mean that it’s a 2020-model-year vehicle that arrives in 2019. Unfortunately, it could very well mean that it will be unveiled in 2020 for the 2021 model year.

Well, that’s a bit disappointing, but we won’t know for sure what will happen until next year. Meanwhile, a brand-new Ford Explorer is pretty good news.

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Source: Off-Road

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