Could it be a Focus ST? Perhaps a Ranger ST?

A new Ford “ST” car is going to the Detroit Auto Show. That’s the good news. The bad news? We don’t know what it is yet. Ford did show a quick teaser video, inviting us to “STay Tuned” for an announcement in the coming days. There’s no telling what this new ST model is going to be because this is an unexpected development. Nobody had a clue that Ford was building something new, let alone one that’s carrying an “ST” badge. Fortunately, the Detroit Auto Show is opening its doors in the coming days so we’ll get our answer then. In the meantime, let the speculation begin.

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Posted by Ford Performance on Wednesday, January 10, 2018
Any of these models could get an ST variant, though I’d be most excited about an Escape ST or an Edge ST

This one caught us by surprise because we didn’t know that Ford had a new ST model on the horizon. We’ve heard whispers and rumors that the expected update of the Ford Focus would come with some surprises, but no mention was made that it would be an ST variant. It could be a new Ford Fiesta ST, but even that seems unlikely given that Ford is actually dropping the Fiesta in our shores. Why would it do that and then debut a new Fiesta ST in Detroit? That’d be cruel, to say the least.

So if it’s not the Focus ST or the Fiesta ST, what model could it be? By process of elimination, we can safely cross out a GT ST and a Mustang ST. A Ford F-150 ST? That’s highly unlikely too. It could be a Fusion ST, but it’s also holding a tenuous status in the US after a recent report indicated that the four-door sedan is not long for the American market either.

That leaves us with the Blue Oval’s current crop of crossovers and SUVs. From this list, we can narrow it down to the Expedition, Explorer, Escape, or Edge. Any of these models could get an ST variant, though I’d be most excited about an Escape ST or an Edge ST because the other two would be too big to get a hot variant. Who knows, Ford could surprise us all and show up with an EcoSport ST. The new entry-level crossover isn’t lacking in power relative its status, but it would also be a welcome sight to see it get a shot of ST juice.

If I were to guess, I’d put my money on two models: an EcoSport ST or — prepare for this one — a Ranger ST. The latter would be a big surprise, but it also would be a shocking twist that could get turn Ford’s pickup market on its head. Can you imagine a Ford Ranger getting the full-on ST treatment? That’s going to get a lot of people’s attention.

Whatever the case may be, the look on Ben Collins’ face in the teaser video hints at a big surprise awaiting all of us once the Detroit Auto Show opens its doors in the next few days.


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