On Sunday, a Ford spokesman denied that Ford is trying to sell the Volvo unit.
But both the denial and Ford’s history of false denials actually gave confirmation to earlier published reports that the Volvo unit was on sale, for a price of $8 billion.
Tom Hoyt, the Ford spokesman said, “To my knowledge, we are not in negotiations with anyone about the future of Volvo.”
Hardly much of a denial.
“To my knowledge” is one of those phrases lawyers love. It can be taken to mean that the person actually knows something, But, literally, all it says is that the answer is limited to what the person does know.
One doubts the top brass at Ford feel the need to consult with a spokesman before making important corporate decisions. Of course, if Mr. Hoyt does have that kind of influence, much of Ford’s past history may be more explainable.
Among the other tidbits of Ford’s past history, of course, is that they issued exactly this type of denial about selling Aston Martin, right up to the day they announced the sale of that division.

Source: Seattle Times

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