Ford restructures

The Ford Motor Company plans to cut more jobs after arranging a new refinancing deal.

Ford looking to reduce workforce further.

The Ford Motor Company just having secured an 18 billion dollar refinancing package are looking of ways of how to restructure the work force, by laying off another 10,000 salaried personnel, this is after already announcing the loss of 4,000 jobs.

The lay offs will include those who have opted for early retirement, which actually takes the pressure off of the younger workers who have a lot of years ahead of them in employment, but at the same time when a company lays off workers and they target those to take early retirement this can have a detrimental effect on the company as a whole, this is due the years and years of experience that will be longer available for the company to fall back on.

The Ford Motor Company are expected to announce huge losses for the financial of 2006, hence the need to reorganise their structure and therefore attempt to strengthen the business in order that it can have a future.

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