The German tuner GeigerCars unveiled the Mustang GT "Shelby", a tuning kit based on the new Ford Mustang GT. The new package comes with both performance upgrades, but also with a few styling modifications.

Under the hood GeigerCars placed a 5.4 liter aluminum engine with a 3.3 liter compressor. Thanks to larger throttle valves, a modified injection system, a 100 millimeter air flow meter and machined cylinder heads the engine delivers an impressive 810 HP at 6,700 rpm and 945 Nm at approx. 4,300 rpm. The result is an impressive 219 mph.

The tuner also added a new racing chassis as well as a Panhard rod made from chrome-moly steel including polyurethane bushes on the ends, 20" classic OZ alloy wheels and high performance brakes.

Press release after the jump.

Press release

Alongside the Ford Mustang V6 and its V8 brother Mustang GT there is the crowning glory of the series the wild Mustang Shelby GT500, which is equipped ex factory with 540 PS, an aggressive body and traditional double stripe paintwork. Anyone who remembers the American racing legend Carroll Shelby will be able to instantly imagine how uncompromising and purist the Shelby GT500 factory settings already are. The US car specialist Karl Geiger from Munich has now got its hands on this vehicle and take a look at how the upright Cobra has been transformed into an almost untameable monster!

810 PS, 945 Nm engine torque

Ford Mustang GT "Shelby" by GeigerCars High Resolution Interior
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As usual the engineers at from Munich operated on the open V8 heart of the American muscle car and in the process left no stone unturned. For more pressure they donated a 3.3 litre compressor to the 5.4 litre aluminium engine block which with its 1.6 bar supercharging pressure provides real fire in the forged crank drive. Larger throttle valves, a modified injection system, a 100 millimetre air flow meter and machined cylinder heads also guarantee that the inner organs are fine tuned. Additional coolers for charge air, coolant and engine oil ensure that the eight cylinder can always work at the perfect temperature range despite massively increased power.
Thanks to the massive changes the Geiger Mustang Shelby GT now generates a legendary 810 PS at 6,700 rpm, whereas the maximum engine torque of 945 Nm at approx. 4,300 rpm pulls on the increased differentials. Of course with so much engine torque the transmission also had to be reinforced and in the same step its 5th and 6th gears were shortened. A 3 disc carbon clutch produces smooth power transmission. A special manifold with racing catalytic converters and customised sport exhaust guarantee that exhaust gases are disposed of properly according to type.

High end chassis engineering

Ford Mustang GT "Shelby" by GeigerCars High Resolution Exterior
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So that so much power can also be transformed in acceleration, fitted the Shelby with a special racing chassis as well as a Panhard rod made from chrome-moly steel including polyurethane bushes on the ends to balance the axial offset and new reinforced and adjustable trailing arms for improved rear axle directional stability. For the all-important contact to the asphalt surface four classic OZ alloy wheels in 8.5 and 10x20 inch guarantee adequate grip thanks to Michelin high performance tyres in 245/35ZR20 and 285/30ZR20. The upright Cobra is slowed down using 6 piston high performance brakes on the front axle with 380 millimetre large drilled or optionally slotted brake discs.

Perhaps this Mustang Shelby version would also put the fear of God into the US racing legend Carroll Shelby!
Technical data

Engine: 5.4 litre eight cylinder V with modular compressor, Ford GT aluminium engine block, machined cylinder heads, modified injection system, larger throttle valves, sport air filter, 100 mm air flow meter, cold air box, aluminium rocker arm, forged crank drive, 3 disc carbon clutch, reinforced transmission with shortened 5th and 6th gears, increased differential, engine oil cooler, 3.3 l compressor with 1.6 bar supercharging pressure


Ford Mustang GT "Shelby" by GeigerCars High Resolution Exterior
- image 351416
  • Power: 810 PS / 541 kW at 6,700 rpm
  • Max. engine torque: 945 Nm at 4,300 rpm
  • Maximum speed: 354 km/h
  • Wheels/tyres: OZ alloys, front 8.5x 20 in. with 245/35ZR20, rear 10x20 in. with 285/30ZR20
  • Brakes: VA 380 mm slotted discs with Geiger 6 piston brake calipers GT V6, brake hoses
  • Chassis: racing chassis, Geiger Panhard rod, reinforced and adjustable Geiger trailing arms


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  (364) posted on 03.16.2010

@ adriansmith - definitly a stock GT-R can’t out run it, it would be unfair to compare this to GT-R.

  (442) posted on 03.9.2010

@ foxawy - i guess this is just a custom Mustang and not for sale and mass production.

  (648) posted on 03.9.2010

@ adriansmith - well adrian i guess it can’t, except when you’re going to customize and hack the GT-R’s Computer box and engine for sure it will.

  (815) posted on 03.4.2010

well impressive, a lot of horses under the hood, i wonder if a gt-r can still out run this 810HP GT.

  (16) posted on 03.3.2010

810HP in a mustang wooow ,but there is nothing said about the price.

  (858) posted on 03.3.2010

lovely color and racing stripes,plus added some more power under the hood, a whopping 810 horses that’s waiting to unleashed.

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