The German brand might arrive stateside to lend a hand with an American classic

Last October, German officials took steps to ban the production of new internal combustion-powered cars by the year 2030. Although mounting pressure to create ever more efficient green vehicles is expected over the next few decades, an outright ICE ban is considered an extreme measure that could pose a huge challenge to the established German automakers. As such, AMG, the performance engineering firm best known for churning out high-spec Mercedes vehicles, might head stateside to circumvent the looming ban. Ford has been tapped as one possible buyer, prompting rumors that the Blue Oval’s next pony car could see a high-performance AMG iteration sometime in the near future.

According to insiders, Ford is eager to pick up AMG to help bolster its line of sports cars, and in particular the Mustang. “The Mustang is a global product now,” a source familiar with the matter told TopSpeed. “It’s important that Ford gives customers the sense they are buying something sporty, but also of the highest quality. An AMG badge would help monumentally in that regard.”

Whether or not Ford will go through with the purchase remains to be seen. There still remains a possibility that a rival like General Motors could pick up the wayward tuning company instead, but it’s unlikely given Ford’s reported interest in the deal.

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Let’s be honest – while all-electric vehicles have certainly proven their worth in the realm of performance (anyone remember Pikes Peak back in 2015?), it’s hard to imagine an AMG product without the burble and roar of some exploding dino juice out back.

So it makes sense AMG is looking to emigrate to the U.S. As far as I’m concerned, this is the land of V-8’s, a country where too much power and gasoline are safe to explore the limits of what’s possible on four wheels.

But it begs the question – what will an AMG’d Mustang bring to the table? Perhaps some fine leather upholstery is in order, with large touchscreens adorning the dash and copious carbon fiber trim throughout. Or maybe some DTM exterior styling and aero would fit the bill, complete with chromed-out tidbits and 20-inch multi-spoke wheels, plus a three-chamber air suspension to keep it glued to the road.

Either way, one thing is certain – if Ford does end up buying AMG, get ready for red, white, and blue performance infused with Teutonic sensibilities.

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