At the end of 2009, Ford Racing unveiled the 302 Mustang as a celebration for the 40th anniversary of the successful 1970 Mustang Boss 302. The 2010 Boss 302 was a special edition model limited to only 50 units and sold for $79,000. Anyone with an itch to take this bad boy out for spin on the streets would have to scratch it in their dreams. Unless, of course, Ford changed their mind. There are now rumors saying that Ford is considering a street-legal version based on the very same car that is eligible for SCCA events.

According to Mustang Heaven, Mark Fields, President of the Americas for Ford Motor Company said that the company is preparing the return of the BOSS nameplate: "We did the Bullitt, we did a Mach 1, we did the C/S. I can’t tell you what the next special edition Mustang will be, but I can give you a hint." After his words a 1970 Boss 302 drove across the stage and Fields said "Is that a subtle enough hint?"

We wouldn’t say that was a hint so much as a flat out fact, but we are definitely not complaining. We were some of the many people with that itch we were talking about earlier.


Source: Mustang heaven

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  (347) posted on 05.18.2010

Well I hope ford changes their mind.. decreasing it’s power will just put some dirt to the Mustang’s Reputation.

  (666) posted on 05.17.2010

This car is equipped with a 25 gallon fuel cell slickly integrated into the trunk with quick-fuel connections, a multi-point fire suppression system, race seats with driver restraint netting. The body is so scary because it is fully seam-welded and augmented by an FIA-certified roll cage.

  (504) posted on 05.17.2010

Well, I bet they are going to use a twin turbo here so that i won’t compromise the speed and torque of a muscle car.

  (808) posted on 05.16.2010

So do we consider it a muscle car? Because the power of a real muscle car is removed.

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