The 50 units of the 2008 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet were sold out before we even realize they are actually on the market. But here’s a good new for those still wishing for a Cobra in their garage: Ford plans to bring it back for the 2010 model year with another 50 examples that have already been cleared for NHRA competition.

The automaker’s initial plan is for the 2010 Cobra Jet to be powered by a 425 HP 5.4 Liter supercharged engine combined with the 6 speed manual transmission from the 2008 CJ. However, with upgrades like an 8.50 ET NHRA certified roll cage, 5-speed Liberty manual transmission or even a race prepped automatic transmission the 2010 Ford Cobra Jet will be terrorizing the NHRA Sportsman series. Especially if the Blue Oval decides to offer an all aluminum race engine making 475 HP right out of the Ford Racing Performance Parts catalog.

With prices starting at around $75,000 the 2010 Mustang Cobra Jet is truly an affordable option for someone who wants to be a professional drag racer, or if you don’t ant to lose any stop light drag races. We just think that it would be nice to incorporate these kinds of vehicles into the company’s test fleet, so that we can experience all the high performance stuff that Ford has to offer.

Press release after the jump.

Press release

The 40th Anniversary 2008 Mustang Cobra Jet more than lived up to its billing, joining its historic predecessor-the original 1968 Cobra Jet in winning its inaugural race at the NHRA Winternationals in Pomona, Calif. Now, Ford Racing is ready to update the latest Cobra Jet, and is announcing plans to build a 2010 version of the CJ. The announcement was officially made today at the National Mustang Racing Association event in Milan.

A little more than a year ago, Ford Racing announced plans to build a modern edition of the Cobra Jet. The limited run of 50 cars sold in less than two weeks, even before the first car was built. Once again Ford Racing will produce a limited run of 50 2010 Mustang CJs, the minimum number that must be produced in order to receive clearance from NHRA for competition.

Exact specifications are being finalized, but the initial plan is for the ’10 Cobra Jet to have a 425-hp 5.4-liter supercharged engine from the Ford Racing Performance Parts catalog, but with an option to upgrade to an estimated 475-hp aluminum block engine. Likewise the 6-speed manual transmission that was available in the ’08 Cobra Jet will be standard, but an option to upgrade to 5-speed Liberty manual transmission or a race prepped automatic transmission will be available. Other ’10 Mustang Cobra Jet upgrades include an 8.50et NHRA certified roll cage and lightweight racing brakes.

"I’ve said from my first day in this job that I wanted Ford Racing to continue to be a ’racer-friendly’ organization," said Wolfe. "That’s why we take great pride in being one of only two car companies worldwide that builds ready-to-race cars and sells them as part of our performance parts offerings."

Component testing is underway and base pricing will be less than $75,000. Production is expected to begin during the fourth quarter with delivery expected in early 2010. Sportsmen racers interested in placing a pre-order for the ’10 Cobra Jet should contact their local Ford Dealership.

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  (177) posted on 06.15.2009

Let me just add this up. I think if the Cobra Jet wants to completely terrorize the NHRA series until 2010, it must make more than 475hp. Maybe a E85 engine can boost that extra speed!

  (177) posted on 06.15.2009

I can’t wait to see the new Cobra Jet, no one can forget this monstrous performance and I am os excited to how it will replicate the same success!

  (78) posted on 06.15.2009

If this Mustang Cobra Jet will be the name for Ford’s drag racing segment, we can hope the Lexus and Nissan will not just keep shun to this challenge.

  (137) posted on 06.15.2009

I guess, alot are anticipating the 2010 version of the successful 2008 version and we can only hope that the up coming version will double the fleet of the remarkable Mustang that terrorized the NHRA

  (231) posted on 06.15.2009

I think this will be very exciting. The Jet is due to be released on the first Q of 2010 and more or less, if the economy is better, people would really take the chance of getting one of this especially the drag racing enthusiast!

  (116) posted on 06.15.2009

The 2010 Camaro is also priced as 75k as well as the Corvette, and this Cobra Jet, starter. Now the next best thing to do is to decide which one would you prefer to buy if you have that 75k

  (289) posted on 06.15.2009

I think the up coming Cobra Jet will be proving more not only in the NHRA and but also in the Taladega Race! I like the performance kit that was encorporated especially the carryover features of the 2008 version. Great job!

  (318) posted on 06.15.2009

When you hear, final testing of components is still underway it means that production will begin more or less in Q4 2009 with first deliveris to start in early 2010. The pricing is very competitive as for this factory tuned Mustang!

  (314) posted on 06.15.2009

I guess, Ford’s re-packaging of the Mustang into its 2010 model-year form factor has pleased the critics with a sleeker look, but now Ford Racing is getting ready to please the folks that live only to see quick ETs with the 2010 Mustang Cobra Jet and for sure, this offering of a five-speed Liberty manual in addition to a race-prepped automatic on top of the standard six-speed tranny a carryover from 2008 model, will surely kick more drag power!

  (421) posted on 06.15.2009

The Cobra Jet driven by John Calvert duplicated the success of the original CJ’s by winning its debut race at the NHRA Winternationals. No doubt the 2010 Ford Cobra Jet continue to terrorize the NHRA Sportsman series.

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