• Ford Ranger Driver Goes Full-On Mustang Into a Gas Station - What He Does Next is Mind Blowing

Not the smartest driver out there, that’s for sure

It’s starting to look like it’s not just Mustang drivers that have no common sense. Or, maybe this guy has a Mustang sitting in his backyard – that would certainly explain what we see here. Either way, the guy responsible for this display of utter stupidity goes by the name William Edmonds and, he was probably drunk when he decided to go full-on Ford Mustang into a gas station.

As the story goes, Edmonds decided he wanted to snag himself a beer from the local gas station. This beer, by the way, he pretty much started drinking on the spot. Big surprise, right? Well, after slamming that brewski, he decided to bust a 180 in his Ford Ranger but lost control and shot off into the gas station, taking the stores’ doors and everything else in his path with him. If this isn’t bad enough already, this incredibly smart man proceeds to get out of the truck and rip off his license plate, busting his ass in the process, then leaves the scene and goes home like nothing happened.

Of course, it didn’t take long for authorities to catch up with him since, you know, the license plate isn’t the only thing that links a vehicle to its owner. Fortunately nobody was hurt and he did own up to his bonehead move when the police showed up at his home. He was reportedly charged with reckless driving and leaving the scene of an accident. He’ll pay for the whole or deal by submitting to alcohol and drug testing twice per week. Surely, there’s more to the whole punishment side of things, but that’s all that has been reported at the moment. For now, go ahead and enjoy the video and have a good laugh – we certainly did.

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