There have always been jokes about the real meaning of the word “FORD.” One joke had it as an acronym for “fix or repair daily,” the other was “found on the road dead.”
Apparently, too many of the Super Duty and Excursion models, along with some vans, have fallen into the later category. Ford is recalling 1.2 million of them to repair a faulty camshaft sensor which can lead to the engine stopping and, thereby, cause a crash. 
The camshaft position sensor tells the engine computer where, in its rotation, the camshaft is located. Without a signal, the engine shuts down because the computer cannot determine when it should inject fuel. The circuit carrying the signal from the sensor to the computer can deteriorate with time and the engine can just stop running. There have, to date, been fourteen reported accidents or incidents of loss of control attributed to the fault, though Ford said that none have resulted in injury.
Recall notices will begin to go in the mail on December 17th. The vehicles affected include vehicles made between 1996 and 2003 at various Ford plants in the United States and Mexico. 
According to the Detroit Free Press, the Super Duty constitutes 40% of Ford’s pick-up sales.

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