Ford is recalling 3,600,000 vehicles built as far back as 1992 and as recently as the current model year to correct a defect in the cruise control switch. The switches are considered a potential fire risk. Ford recalled six million cars and trucks in 2005 due to an engine fire risk also associated with the cruise control system and is the sixty recal since 1999 specifically related to the Ford cruise control system. The switch involved was manufactured for Ford by Texas Instruments.
The problem apparently stems from the fact that the switch is powered at all times. Dealers will replace the switch or install a fused line to protect against overloads. Recall notices will begin to go to owners next month.
Affected vehicles include Ford Rangers from 1998-2002, Lincoln Town Cars, Ford Crown Victorias, and Mercury Marquis’ manufactured between 1992 and 1997, 2003 and 2004 Ford Lightening pick-up truks, 1993 Ford F Series trucks, 1993-1995 Tarus SHO models, and various models of the Explorer. 
If you want to know if your vehicle is included or have other questions, the number to call at Ford is 888.222.2751.

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