First online application draws over 6,500 interested customers

The new Ford GT has proven to be an even bigger hit than Ford initially expected. The Blue Oval knew it had a gem on its hands so it started a one-month online application for the supercar. That application drew close to 11,000 interests in the GT and a total of 6,506 fully completed applications from people around the world, all of which sent Ford a resounding message: we want the GT!

Applicants even took a page from the world of reality television, sending out unique videos that included lighting effects, racing footage, revving engines, garage tours, and, yes, even children. Unfortunately, not every applicant will get the chance to own the GT as Ford has made it clear that the GT would be a low-volume car with only 250 units made every year. That’s not to say that all the applicants will be left out in the cold. According to the company, all 6,506 applications are in the process of being reviewed and the lucky applicants who do make the cut will be notified of their good fortune within the next 90 days.

As for folks like us who can only dream of owning the new Ford GT, all is not lost. The car’s official virtual configurator is there to keep us company. Even that has become a big hit with close to 200,000 people already paying it a visit. It’s far from actually owning the real deal, but at the very least, we can build the GT of our dreams without having to pay anything for it. I heard that Frozen White remains as the favorite exterior color followed by Liquid Blue. Not that it’s going to make a difference but it is the closest thing we can get to having our own Ford GT. Might as well tailor it to our preference, right?

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Why it matters

When Ford decided to build the second-generation GT supercar, it knew that it had huge shoes to fill considering how popular and sought-after the first-generation model has become today. If Ford wanted to develop a worthy successor, it had to pull out all the stops to make it happen. And by God, Ford actually pulled it off because the end result is nothing short of a work of art. Basically, the new Ford GT comes with a super-light carbon fiber and aluminum construction, a killer design, a 600-plus horsepower, EcoBoost V-6 engine and a race-ready cockpit. In other words, it is, in my eye, the best supercar Ford has ever created.

And as it just so happens, I wasn’t the only who shares this sentiment. I don’t know the specifics on how Ford plans to distribute the sales of the GT, but judging from the massive interest the car is getting from people from all over the world, I don’t fancy Ford having too much trouble getting those commitments, even if one car costs $400,000.

Needless to say, Ford is now on the clock and there are literally thousands of people watching the company and keeping tabs to make sure that it can build the new GT supercar to their expectations. I personally don’t think Ford will disappoint in this regard, but still, this is the GT that we’re talking about. It’s arguably one of the most important cars Ford is releasing this decade and it better be as good as it’s been hyped up to be.

2017 Ford GT

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Press Release

After more than 10,800 people showed interest online in buying a new Ford GT, Ford received 6,506 fully completed applications from people around the world in the one-month window to apply to purchase the new EcoBoost-powered, carbon-fiber supercar during its first application window.

The number of applicants spiked in the last six days during which 32 percent of the total fully completed applications were completed before the window closed.

“We’re excited by the amount of enthusiasm fans are showing for the new Ford GT,” says Dave Pericak, director, Global Ford Performance. “This initial application window is just one of many ways fans and potential owners will have to connect with our all-new supercar even before it hits the streets.”

Ford is now reviewing applications from those 6,506 potential supercar buyers and will start notifying potential owners in the next 90 days.

Hundreds of registrants submitted videos with their applications during the month-long application window, hoping to bolster their chances of purchasing one of the first 500 new Ford GTs.

Creative applicants featured children, lighting effects, racing footage, revving engines, garage tours and life stories to show why they should own the all-new Ford GT.

The all-new production supercar is expected to start arriving in customers’ garages by the end of 2016.

While the initial application window is closed, Ford GT fans can continue building and sharing virtual models, building on the more than 481,000 enthusiasts in the U.S. who have visited the site since its launch April 13.

Almost 200,000 fans in the U.S. already have visited the website’s virtual configurator, which lets anyone build the Ford GT of their dreams and provides links to share images of their virtual build via social media. The configurator’s default exterior color of Frozen White continues to be the favorite, followed by Liquid Blue.

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