It’s amazing the lengths automakers go to protect the secrecy of upcoming vehicles, especially high-profile ones. Camouflage coverings, remote testing facilities, and code names all contribute to the mystery. All that goes out the window if something slips, and in the case of the upcoming Shelby Mustang GT350, something rather big slipped.

We now have strong evidence the GT350 will come powered by a naturally aspirated, 5.2-liter V-8. The news comes surprisingly from Ford itself, as a parts list containing replacement brake equipment and their coordinating engine displacements found its way onto a Mustang forum.

Rumors say the upcoming Shelby engine (regardless of its displacement) is codenamed ‘Voodoo. ’ It’s also said it will utilize a flat-plane crankshaft rather than a cross-plane unit. In a nutshell, that means engine has a specific firing order that helps make it more free revving.

Unfortunately for us, the leak lacks other juicy information like horsepower and torque numbers, so we’ll have to wait on that. Pure speculation on our part puts the GT350 making somewhere around 525 horsepower, a respectable jump from the base Mustang GT’s 435 horsepower.

We can expect the Shelby Mustang GT350 to make its official debut in the latter part of 2015 in preparation for the 2016 model year. Expect pricing to start around the $50,000 mark.

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Why It Matters

Ford Shelby Mustang GT350 Details Leaked Through Ford Parts Website
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High performance Mustangs have always garnered plenty of attention and with the new generation hitting the streets, the anticipation for a next-gen Shelby is higher than ever. Shelby Mustangs have been known to use modified versions of the base Mustang’s V-8, complete with different displacements, more high-performance parts, and even a supercharger setup.

Mustang fans the world over are chomping at the bit to get the latest info, and when something leaks, folks take notice.

Ford Shelby Mustang GT350 Details Leaked Through Ford Parts Website
- image 566905

Ford Shelby Mustang GT350

2016 - 2017 Ford Shelby GT350 Mustang Exterior Spyshots
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The upcoming Shelby hasn’t been shy with its aggressive looks. It’s been caught running the Nürburgring sporting only light camo. The larger, more muscular front fascia and revamped rear end show a completely new side to the sixth-generation ‘Stang.

Now rumored to be powered by a 5.2-liter V-8, the GT350 will top the Mustang GT for both straight-line and handling performance. A beefed-up suspension with sticker tires is highly probable and a manual transmission is basically a certainty.

Ford hasn’t officially announced the car, so everything is technically still a guessing game, but with the clues Ford keeps dropping, the 2016 GT350 is undeniably in the works. Ford will likely wait until the latter part of 2015 to spill the beans completely.

Source: Autoguide

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