Apparently, it didn’t want its car being involved in a murder scene

Automakers usually don’t need to be asked to have their cars appear in movies or TV shows, but there was one instance when Ford apparently turned down an opportunity to have the Fiesta appear in a movie that ended up grossing more than $100 million. That revelation came from actor and comedian Seth Rogen who revealed on Twitter that Ford nixed the idea of having the Fiesta play a role in The Pineapple Express, a movie Rogen co-starred in with James Franco.

As Rogen’s story goes, the Fiesta was included in the original plans of the movie as it was supposed to be the car that would be used to kill one of the movie’s bad guys, Matheson, who was played by Craig Robertson. Apparently, Ford got wind of the plans and, in Rogen’s own words, “ Ford didn’t want their car involved in a movie murder.”

So, the movie went with a Daewoo Llanos to replace the Fiesta’s role as a murder car instead. It’s a relatively small change that didn’t do much to change the aesthetics and tone of the movie, but, according to Rogen, the change turned out to be good for the movie as the scene became “ultimately much funnier.”

Ultimately, nobody remembered the Llanos’ appearance until Rogen brought it up in a series of tweets that celebrated the 10th anniversary of the movie. That’s probably due to the overwhelming sentiment surrounding the Llanos’ unremarkable status. It’s never been a popular car to begin with, and even its brief brush with the Hollywood life wasn’t enough to give it the kind of attention and esteem that other cars who’ve made it to Hollywood have gotten. Sure, it would probably be a different story if the Llanos made it to any one of the Fast and Furious movies, but even then, the chances of it standing out amidst a sea of exotics would be infinitesimal to none.

As for Ford, the automaker’s decision to nix the Fiesta’s appearance in The Pineapple Express hasn’t stopped it from getting involved in the entertainment business. Its models have appeared in countless TV shows and movies in recent years. One of its most popular models, a 2013 Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500, was cast as one of the stars in the movie adaptation of the popular video game franchise, Need for Speed. Sure, it was a replica, but nobody remembers that anymore. All everyone knows is that the Shelby GT 500 was in it.

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