For the longest time, the Ford Crown Victoria has been a criminal’s worst nightmare, not because the car has some sort of crime repellent, but because it is, by far, the most used police cruiser in North America.

But now, word has it that Ford is ready to retire the Crown Victoria in favor of a newer – albeit less intimidating – line of cruisers: the new Taurus.

It has to be mentioned that the Crown Victoria has been synonymous with police cars as much as hamburger and fries. But the model has been used for well over 30 years now so it seems that the model is fit and ready for the retirement home.

With the new Taurus, police officers will be getting behind the wheel of a car that isn’t as powerful as the Crown Victoria. But it’s not a pushover either. The car comes with a set of V6 powertrains, and combined with the Taurus’ reputation for being toughness and efficiency, makes it a formidable adversary for law breaking citizens across North America.

Leaving behind a legacy that saw it being used by over 85 percent of the 75,000 police cruisers being every year, the Crown Victoria rides off into the sunset to leave the criminal-chasing duties to the new Ford Taurus.


Source: Detroit News

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  (325) posted on 02.15.2010

It’s been a while since Victora takes the place as the police cruiser, and i think it’s time for them to retire, but the question is will i perform the same of better than the crown victoria?

  (1333) posted on 12.20.2009

finally Crowns will be replace. but crown is a very versatile, reliable and scary cars for the bad guys. I hope Taurus will perform the same or better as the crowns.

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