The 2019 Goodwood Festival of Speed just got a lot more interesting

Ford just released a shadowy teaser of a GT supercar and promised to deliver "exciting news" about it at the 2019 Goodwood Festival of Speed. The vehicle, described as an "ultra-high-performance supercar" will break cover on July 4.

But what is it?

Ford Teases Mystery GT Supercar Ahead of Goodwood Festival of Speed
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Well, Ford declined to reveal specific details, so we’re stuck with what this teaser has to offer. We enhanced the image to get a better look at the details in the shadows and it seems we’re dealing with a more aggressive version of the supercar.

While the nose, headlamps, and front hood seem very similar to the current road car, there are a few new features toward the back.

The supercar features two raised sections on the upper front fenders, which may be additional vents, a scoop on the roof, and a big wing on the deck lid. This means we may be looking at a new version of the Ford GT race car.

The second-gen Ford GT LM GTE

2016 Ford GT Le Mans High Resolution Exterior
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Based on the massive rear wing, which isn’t offered on the road-going model, Ford is preparing the release of an updated race car. The existing GT LM GTE already features a huge rear wing, but this teaser shows notably larger end plates. The roof scoop is also missing from both the production GT and the current race car, so it may also be part of an update.

A larger wing with bigger end plates means improved aerodynamics, while a roof scoop signals a modified engine that needs more air.

The GT LM GTE has already been raced in the FIA World Endurance Championship three years, so it’s not too soon for Ford to release a second-gen version. The Goodwood Festival of Speed is a great venue for race car unveilings, as they can be put through their paces up the hill and shown to eager race enthusiasts that show up.

The place is usually packed with classic and modern race cars and many carmarkers choose to unveil or showcase their racers at the event.

A more track-focused GT for customers?

2017 Ford GT High Resolution Exterior
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The teaser could also preview a more aggressive version of the Ford GT. Just like Ferrari and McLaren produce race-spec models for customers, Ford could do the same with the GT.

A road-legal model is unlikely given the extreme aerodynamics, but Ford could be readying a customer racing program similar to Ferrari's FXX and McLaren's GTR programs.

This means Ford could offer a customer version of the LM GTE. It would have similar aerodynamics, but a friendlier interior and a less aggressive engine. Of course, it would be built in very limited numbers, most likely less than 100.

I’m more tempted to believe that we will see a new variant of the GT LM GTE, but we will have to wait until July 4 to find out. Stay tuned for updates.

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