• Ford Teases the 2020 Mach 1 SUV with a Very Mustang-Like Rear End

It’s not going to be called the Mach 1 anymore, and that’s a good thing

Ford has released the first teaser image of its Mustang-inspired electric crossover, giving us our first look at the controversial model. The teaser image shows the rear section of the crossover tucked in the shadows. We don’t see the whole thing, but the outline of the crossover is easy to make out, specifically its resemblance to the model that it’s supposed to be inspired by.

Ford Teases Mach 1 Electric… SUV?
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Ford’s electric crossover has been the subject of a lot of discussions recently, particularly Ford’s aborted plan to use the “Mach 1” name on the model. The automaker initially teased its plan, which ended up meeting widespread scorn and criticism. Perhaps to save face, Ford backtracked on its plans, saying instead that the whole “Mach 1” idea was nothing more than an “evaluation.”

Sure, Ford. It was an “evaluation.” It was evident from the start that Ford wanted to use the “Mach 1” name on the crossover before the public nixed the idea for it. But that’s all in the past now; Ford is looking ahead to actually developing the crossover and, based on the first teaser, it looks like it hasn’t let go of its other plan to use its most iconic model — the Mustang — as the design inspiration of its all-electric crossover.

It’s hard to make out specific details of the crossover’s rear section because the teaser is so dark.

Still, you can tell that the rear section’s design looks a lot like the Mustang. Traces of the three-bar taillights, for example, can be seen even in the shadows.

That’s a Mustang design right there. Even the rounded panel that has the taillights and stretches the full width of the crossover is something that Ford’s pony car also has. The roofline is visible, too, but not clear enough to judge if it’s the same fastback design that the current Mustang coupe has. Likewise, it’s hard to tell how upright the angle is because we can’t see its depth, something that’s only possible if we get a look at the crossover from its side profile. The fenders and rear wheel arches do show a model that’s not going to have any problems from the perspective of masculinity.

Ford Teases the 2020 Mach 1 SUV with a Very Mustang-Like Rear End
- image 794382

However it ends up looking, it’s clear that Ford isn’t ditching its plan to use the Mustang as a design springboard for its new all-electric crossover. It’s not going to be called the Mach 1 anymore, but at least Ford’s sticking to its guns in giving the new model the pony car styling treatment. How far it goes into doing it is a question that can only be answered when the model is revealed.

Fortunately, we won’t have to wait too long to find out as current plans for the model calls for its arrival sometime in the latter part of 2019 or early 2020.

By then, we’ll know if all the hype and conversations surrounding this model justifies the finished product.

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