Ford to help stop catalytic converter theft

Ford to help stop catalytic converter theft
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Having a catalytic converter stolen is a theft on the rise in the U.S. and the U.K. Why you may ask? Well, the inside of the catalyst tends to contain the precious metal platinum. With the current market price at about $1700 an ounce the average thief will make $200, with very little effort. In fact SUVs make a particularly easy target because their high ground clearance gives thieves easier instant access to the catalytic converter.

Ford’s UK branch has teamed up with Retainagroup, a car security marking and registration systems specialist, to offer people a inexpensive option to deter catalytic converter theft. For the price of £11.87 ($23.00) owners can have a unique 7-digit code and a 24-hour telephone number added to the converter. Once the mark has been applied, the unique code is recorded with vehicle and owner details on the register and can be verified immediately at any time, day or night, 365 days per year. Ford will also offer ’fleet packs’ containing material for 30 automobiles, costing £136.85 ($271.00).


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  (6) posted on 07.31.2008

good thing the grinder hasn’t been invented...oh wait it has never mind.

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