Ford has joined the ’recall’ bandwagon after the Detroit-based auto maker recently announced the recall of over 33,000 cars because the cars, which affect a number of 2010 Ford Fusion, Explorer, and Explorer SportTrac units, apparently suffer from a faulty front seat recliner.

Yes, Ford is recalling these cars because they have problems reclining. Safety first, right people?

Apparently, the problem was serious enough that Ford, along with the NHTSA, deemed it as a must-fix. Their fear was that the seat back and head restraint could move towards the rear of the car if that car was involved in a crash. Obviously, this could potentially cause injuries to both the driver and the person seated behind.

So, if you have any of the aforementioned models, you might want to give Ford a ring so they can fix the problem for free.


Source: Associated Press

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  (503) posted on 02.23.2011

If you insist on looking to place blame for Ford releasing this very nice car in Europe first, look no further to the idiots in Washington DC. European governments tax cars annually based on liters of engine displacement..that’s what you call "creating demand for smaller cars". European governments also make gas prices higher than hell.

  (531) posted on 02.23.2011

The 2011 GT is very slightly faster in a straight line than any of the comparable Camaro Anyone saying different hasn’t done their homework.

  (447) posted on 02.22.2011

I’m interested in seeing what numbers the new (2011) GT500’s put out with their Ford GT engines.. However, I’m skeptical they will be much faster than the Mustang GT’s (0-60 in 4.6 for the 2011’s) as they are a lot heavier even with the wt shavings.

  (1211) posted on 02.22.2011

Lamborghini has 250 mph only so 250MPH only? so it means that the ford is more faster than this? ford GT has a top speed of 266MPH max speed.

  (377) posted on 04.29.2010

Good thing that the recall didn’t reaches a hundred thousand unit just like the toyota did.

  (442) posted on 04.28.2010

I guess it wont take an hour to repair the seat.

  (648) posted on 04.28.2010

Good thing they act fast and with that number ford can easily recall all the vehicles that has a defective seats.

  (406) posted on 04.28.2010

I really don’t know what happened to the quality of producing great cars.

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