Or at least a close-to-production prototype, anyway

Don’t hold your breath just yet, but it looks like the Mustang-inspired SUV will make its debut at the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show. Okay, so we’re reaching a little bit, but honestly, it’s not much. According to a report by The Detroit Bureau, a Ford Spokesperson as confirmed that the brand will launch a “sport-utility vehicle that will be heavily influenced by the Mustang’s traditional design” and that the public should get its “first peek at the new SUV in November.”

It doesn’t take much to do the math on this one. The Ford Mach-E, as the Mustang-based electric SUV is expected to be called, has been in the works for a while now. We’ve seen the teaser, heard the rumors, and now we have a spokesperson (unnamed as of the time of this writing) claiming that we’ll get a peak in November. Sure, this could mean that the company is going to quietly release another teaser video or a few images, but the Los Angeles Auto Show is also in November, and the company isn’t going to miss the opportunity to get vital public feedback on a concept or near-production-ready concept.

In fact, the brand really needs to hear public feedback. It almost made the mistake of calling this Electric SUV the Mach 1, and there were damn near riots in the streets. Since then, the company as pedaled back and filed a new trademark for “Mach-E,” but that name hasn’t been officially confirmed. If the company did a better job at designing this electric, Mustang-based EV then maybe we’ll see it soon enough, but if the company makes the wrong move again – much as it did with the Mach 1 name – then the company could be forced to regroup its plans for the SUV once again.

Everything We Know About the Ford Mach-E: Video

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Source: The Detroit Bureau

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