• Ford Won’t Use the Mach 1 Name On An SUV - It’ll Use the Newly Patented Mach-E

Is it still disgracing the iconic Mach 1 name?

The crossover craze continues unabated, and rumor has it Ford is getting in on the action with a new electrified model that could carry some DNA over from the Mustang, including a name derived from the iconic Mach 1. However, diehards will be pleased to know the fresh utility vehicle most likely will receive a new nameplate all its own - “Mach-E.”

A Rose By Any Other Name?

Ford Won't Use the Mach 1 Name On An SUV - It'll Use the Newly Patented Mach-E
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This latest news was revealed in a patent filing from November 26th, which came to light this week in a recent post by The Drive.

The filing reveals that the Blue Oval has applied to trademark the name “Mach-E” (and alternatively, “Mach E”).

While nothing official has been uttered by the brand, it’s more than likely this name will go to an upcoming SUV model.

Back in January, we reported that Ford was toying with the idea of applying the Mach 1 name to an electric SUV, taking a cue from the iconic high-spec Mustang from 1969, which added in more performance goodness with an exterior package, new suspension bits, and several fire-breathing V-8 options. Understandably, fan boys were none too pleased with the idea of a battery-driven utility vehicle stealing such a beloved name from the world of muscle cars. As a result, Ford backpedaled, calling the original Mach 1 teaser an “evaluation” and issuing a second teaser in September.

2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E
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Regardless, it definitely looks like Ford is doubling down on its electric drive offerings.

If that’s the case, an electric Mach E SUV could join a lineup that includes off-roaders spun off the Bronco nameplate, or even help to usher in a new Mustang sub-brand that includes four-door models and crossovers. The Mach E name could even apply to a new hybrid iteration of the Mustang.

For now, details are scant, but the patent does mention application of the Mach E trademark with regard to “motor vehicles, namely, electric vehicles, passenger automobiles, trucks, sport utility vehicles, off-road vehicles, and structural parts, fittings, and badges therefor; metal license plate frames.”

Seems like lots of possibilities with the new trademarked name. Where do you want to see it?

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Source: The Drive

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