Former NASCAR driver gets arrested for evading authorities


Just because you’re a former NASCAR driver, it doesn’t mean that you can just run away from the cops and get away with it.

James Neal - yeah, according to NASCAR he was a track racer from back in the 80s - was arrested earlier this week after starting a 50-mile police pursuit on-board his 2003 Corvette Z06 because he failed to yield on a routine traffic stop. Yeah, that was really smart.

Thinking that he could just outrun the police cruisers with his Z06, Neal blew past the patrolmen, starting a police chase that saw him reach speeds of up to 140 mph. In the beginning, his plan seemed to work out because the police had a hard time keeping up with the Corvette. Eventually, Neal’s genius of a plan caught up to him after 50 miles when his Corvette inexplicably "blew up" somewhere in La Jotta, allowing the pursuing officers to catch up and take the man into custody.

Neal eventually pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor felony evasion charge while driving recklessly. His reward for his admitted wrongdoing? A month-long stay in jail in addition to probation. Way to go, Mr. Neal. You had the chance of getting away and you just overdid it.


Source: LA Times

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  (216) posted on 10.15.2010

You obviously don’t know anything about steroids. Try doing your own research instead of believing Government propaganda. You probably think weed kills people too, huh?

  (291) posted on 10.13.2010

Lol! Steroid comment. Steroids should be legal in the first place, but yeah stimulants is a whole different issue.

  (815) posted on 05.24.2010

Well I guess he thought that he still got the moves to evade the police cruisers.

  (512) posted on 05.23.2010

I really don’t know why such people like them are using it’s popularity to evade authorities. Do they think that they wont be arrested because of their popularity?

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