Formula 1 hands out over sized gold plated saucers; the Indy 500 winner receives a bottle of cold milk and now the three drifters standing atop the podium after each round of the 2009 Formula D season will walk away with a trophy made from the lightweight, woven black stuff. The American drifting series organizers commissioned APR Performance, a well know fabricator of aerodynamically tuned carbon fiber body panels for high performance applications to create the very unique trophies. However, I’m pretty sure that the Formula D drifters would prefer that the funds invested into producing the high tech prizes would have gone into the winner’s purse instead.


Source: APR

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  (421) posted on 05.29.2009

I would have liked to see a more modernized shape than this. Although I heard that they did a nice job by hiding the seams and actually had to add metal to it becasue they thought it was too light. Good work APR.

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