Transportation without negative effects on the environment is something we all want. Fuel cells and hydrogen bring us this promise of a clean energy future. The technology is available today; the next step is to gain mass support by catching the interest from the general public. Formula Zero uses motor sport’s popularity and the car lovers’ ’need for speed’ as a basis for a next generation car race, using fuel cell go-karts. These go-karts will race on a mobile circuit to bring the exciting zero emission race events close to the people.

The intention is to construct a complete portable travelling circus a-la-Formula-One, which can be set up on any flat surface, complete with racetrack, grandstands, hospitality, pits, clean technology power and hydrogen generation and timing facilities. The 600 metre track will include seating for 1500 spectators and the races will be held in conjunction with major motor shows, motor racing events, international political summits, industrial fairs and events such as the Paris Air Show, Goodwood, Festival of speed, and the Michelin Challenge Bibendum.

The Formula Zero kart class will bring together top corporate sponsors, high quality university teams, technology providers and organizers of esteemed international events.

Formula Zero will start in 2008-09 as a new race category with an annual competition for open single seater race cars that are powered by fuel cell technology. This is the only competition in the world dedicated to fuel cell vehicles and high-speed racing, contrasting to other low speed efficiency races.

The race events are centred around the mobile racetrack and are planned to last from two to five days, with the duration tailored to complement the activities of the host event.

Source: Gizmag

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