The RR 600 is the latest Fornasari SUV. It’s characterized from the new LS2 Chevrolet engine 6,0 litres 8 V cylinders built under the Fornasari’s specifics, from an improved mechanical, from shorter gearbox ratio and from a better power management.

The interiors have been improved, now are more comfortable and wider thanks to the solutions that increase the comfort inside. Preparations could have the maximum grade of customization, according with Fornasari philosophy. Both interior and exterior views are determined according to the clients’ taste. The line is clearly distinguished by that one of RR450, both for the front and the back and the sides, and it’s proposed in two kind of front variants: one, more classic, with 4 headlights and the other, more sporting, with 2 headlights.

The steel piping chassis in molybdenum-chrome assures an extraordinary lightness and versatility. Suspensions, Proflex or Ohlins, have an independent oil tank.

These characteristics make the RR600 a car without competitors: its maximum speed arrives to 173 mph and have an acceleration 0-60 mph in 4 seconds. Body in carbon and Kevlar assures high resistance and great reliability.

The car, which weights only 1700 kg, has two motorizations: 500-600 hp. As far as the gearbox is concerned, either the six-speed one or a 4-speed automatic one is available.

The traction is integral 4WD. Power gets transmitted to the wheels in three different ways: by a central viscous joint 38/62, standard 40/60, or with reduced gears. Standard rims and tires are 20", but you can choose from 16" (races) up to 23".

Source: Fornasari Cars

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