The battle between Sony’s Playstation and Microsoft’s Xbox gaming consoles is no child’s play. This is the real thing and in a market where demand for more realistic graphics and realistic physics keeps growing, both console makers are having to rework their hardware to suit the ever growing needs of the target customer. That’s where Xbox One and Forza 5 come into the picture.

Forza 5 promises to cater to the need for more realistic racing experience this year and to achieve this, the fifth edition of the Forza Motorsport franchise will lean heavily on the capabilities of the upcoming Xbox One.

The makers of the game have already released a list of cars that it will feature in Forza 5 and more could be in the pipeline. For now, they’ve introduced a long list of cars that the game will include, and this new list includes some modern cars, a few from the 90s and a few from the 70s. Unfortunately, the list of cars is down to only 200 — down from 500 in Forza 4 — but Turn 10 Studios has also promised more detailed cars and super-detailed tracks. We prefer quality over quantity, but the loss of 300 models and some tracks — the Nurburgring included — may be too much for gamers to swallow.

Forza 5 will also be the first to offer the LaFerrari, but — there’s always a "but" — it will not be included with the game. It will actually be offered as at-cost downloadable content... There is also a rumor that Nurburgring will also be offered as downloadable content, but there is nothing on whether it will be free or not.

Turn 10 is claiming that it is not holding back content to drive up interest — and profits — from downloadable content, and that it is purely trying to offer the most detail possible. We think this is part true and part garbage, as most gamers wouldn’t care if the Nurburgring had a minor flaw or if a car wasn’t 100-percent accurate but we do understand Turn 10 wanting to offer a totally accurate experience.

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New Additions to Forza 5

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