Forza 6 Apex to become first Forza-branded game available outside of the Microsoft Xbox

Excuse the pun, but the Forza video game franchise is all set to expand its horizon after Turn 10 Studios announced that all future Forza games will be made available on both the Xbox and PC. The game’s availability on the latter platform is the big news here as past titles of the Forza racing franchise have only been made available on the Xbox. Turn 10’s arrival on the PC coincides with the franchise’s first foray into Windows 10 with the release of Forza 6 Apex, a free-to-play version of Forza 6 that’s scheduled for a spring 2016 release.

Forza 6 Apex, or just Apex, as it’s referred to by the folks at Turn 10, is the first game under the franchise that will be made available to PC. It will also be the first Forza game that will be developed using Microsoft’s new Universal Windows Platform, a game development tool that studios can use to build games that will be compatible across all devices that run on Windows 10. One of the platform’s biggest features, at least as far as Apex is concerned, is the game’s ability to run at 60 frames per second to go with a 4K resolution. Turn 10 Studio Software Architect Chris Tector calls it the highest level of fidelity in the history of the Forza video game franchise.

All this points to an important expansion for the Forza franchise, one that will see it expand its availability past the walls of the Xbox. At the very least, those who don’t own an Xbox One will now have the opportunity to experience the thrill of the Forza franchise through their own PC units.

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Why it matters

The whole point of new platforms and details surrounding Turn 10 Studios’ shift to using Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform is admittedly above my level of understanding, so I’m not going to pretend to know exactly what all of this means from a technical standpoint.

What I do know about the UWP is that it was designed for the purpose of building a vast network of multi-platform apps, all of which can be created using the platform itself. Forza 6 Apex was developed using this platform, thus all the pomp and circumstance surrounding its release on PC games.

So what exactly does this mean for Turn 10 and the Forza franchise? From a reach standpoint, it’s a great move because more gamers will have access to the Forza franchise. Whereas past titles were only available on the Xbox, the studio’s shift to the UWP platform essentially opens up a new market for future titles of the video game franchise.

I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I’m mildly intrigued about what this expansion of sorts will do to the popularity of Forza games moving forward. As a Sony PlayStation 4 owner, I’ve only played Forza games sporadically in the past. But now that it essentially becomes easier to access the game through the Apex video game app, I’m probably one of the first ones who will download it as soon as it becomes available.

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